Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo has denied reports saying that she has found a new lover amid rumours of marital woes with husband, Taiwanese star Vanness Wu.

As reported on Apple Daily News, the 33-year-old fashion entrepreneur previously posted a photo on Instagram of herself hanging out with a group of friends.

However, it was Arissa’s position in the photo that attracted attention, as she was sitting on a man’s lap, sparking rumours that she had taken a lover.
Arissa had since denied the rumours, saying that the man in question was just a good friend of hers.
“It’s ridiculous that they posted the picture that we took together at the wedding. There was a lot of people crowded together, and I had nowhere to sit, so I sat on top of him,” she explained.
The heiress also declined to respond to rumours of marriage issues with Vanness.
She had since deleted the controversial photo from Instagram.
(Photo source: hk.