In weird news of the day, Chinese model-actress Angelababy has agreed to the suggestion made by a judge of the Beijing Supreme People’s Court for her to have a test to prove she’s never had plastic surgery.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who has been plagued with rumours of plastic surgery since the early days of her showbiz career, admitted that she was contacted by a judge and attorney to have an official facial structure assessment under the supervision of a public official.

“It’s true that an attorney had contacted me to go to the hospital and have this assessment. The fact is better than mere words. I am ready for it,” she said.
When asked if the result of the assessment will be made public, Angelababy stressed that she has no qualms having people come to supervise and watch the assessment in its entirety.
“You’re welcome to oversee the process. It’s open to all,” she said.
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