In celebration of their wedding banquet, to be held today, celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy recently shared photos from their previous wedding photo shoot.

According to Tencent Entertainment, on 8 October, the actress’ agency released six never-before-seen photos of the couple’s wedding photo shoot in France.

Aside from various backdrops that included the Eiffel Tower, a grand church, and what looked like a ballroom, the handsome couple also showcased several different bride-and-groom looks, particularly Angelababy, who wore several different dresses for the occasion – from a lace dress to a shoulder-bare volume gown.
The couple has invited over 2000 guests to their wedding in Shanghai today, which has been touted as the Wedding of the Year. Among the guests are Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, and Li Bingbing, the latter who will also serve as Angelababy’s bridesmaid.
Meanwhile, renowned pianist Li Yundi reportedly will also attend the event as Huang’s groomsman despite his hectic schedule.
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