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Who says only international artistes have awesome fan base names?

Hollywood may have Beliebers, Swifties, Smilers, Sheerios, Selenators and Lovatics, but Malaysia is not losing to them in terms of having creative and cool fan base names.

As you may already know, pop star Justin Bieber is one of the first to start the fandom nickname trend.

Now, almost every new Hollywood artiste has their very own fan group with some quirky yet creative fan base names.

The trend is also widely spread in the Asian region, especially in South Korea.

Turns out that even some of our homegrown artistes have their very own fan base names, here are some of them that we found.

By the way, if you happen to know some other local fan base names that we have missed out, do share it with us!

1. Elizabeth Tan – Elfians

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(Photo source: Elizabeth Tan’s FB)

According to an announcement from the official fan club, the fan base name was initially called ELF, stands for Elizabeth Lover Fans. But because the name clashes with the fan club name of South Korean boy band Super Junior which is also called ELF (Ever Lasting Friends) and was formed 9 years ago, the fan club officially changed its fan base name to ELFIANS instead.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 168k
Instagram: 356k
Twitter: 21k

2. Paperplane Pursuit – Paperazzis

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(Photo source: Paperplane Pursuit’s FB)

The Malaysian pop trio, who recently gained plenty of attention after making into the Billboard charts, obviously got their fan club name from the combination of their band name, Paperplane Pursuit and “paparazzi”. To be honest, the name is really cool and catchy. It’s like the boys’ fans are always stalking them like paparazzis. But the name does clash with a Pakistani fashion magazine which is also called Paperazzi.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 26k
Instagram: 2.7k
Twitter: 1.1k

3. Hujan – Raingers

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(Photo source: Hujan’s FB)

The alternative rock band fan base name is probably one of the most creative, smart and awesome fan base names in Malaysia. Non-Malay speaking fans might not get it, but for those who do get it would know that it is a play on the band’s own name and the word “ranger”, as Hujan means “rain” in Malay.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 543k
Instagram: 15.7k
Twitter: 223k

4. Shila Amzah – Shilalas

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(Photo source:

After winning Chinese singing competition, “Asian Wave” and  getting second runner-up of “I Am A Singer” (Season 2), Shila Amzah has gained more prominence in the entertainment industry especially in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Thus, adding more fans to her fan base pool. Her fan base name probably derived from the singer’s own name, Shila and her father’s stage name ND Lala.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 205k
Instagram: 1.2m
Twitter: 1m
Weibo: 2.5m

5. Bunkface – Bunkers

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(Photo source: Bunkface’s FB)

The fan club name is simply taken from the band’s own name, turning it into a noun by adding the suffix “-er”. However, the name is quite general and not very creative as it also has other meanings like; a large container for storing fuel or a reinforced underground shelter. So, when you hashtag “bunkers” on social media platforms, the things that come out might not be referring to the boys.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 1.3m
Instagram: 58.6k
Twitter: 194k

6. Siti Nurhaliza – SitiZoners

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(Photo source: Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin’s FB)

Siti Nurhaliza is one of the most popular and influential musical artistes in Malaysia who has marked her name not only regionally but also internationally. Her fan club name comes from her official blogsite,, but the blog is now shut down due to undisclosed reasons. However, the singer now has a new blog called which is taken from her cosmetic line, SimplySiti.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 623k
Instagram: 2m
Twitter: 1.8m

7. Soo Wincci – Winccists

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(Photo source: Soo Wincci’s FB)

A multitalented award winning Malaysian singer, actress, composer, chef, host, model, beauty queen and also an entrepreneur, Soo Wincci also has fans from all across Asia and is now trying to mark her name in Hollywood. The formation of her fan club name is actually quite simple, as it is only an addition of the suffix “-ist” to her own name. However, because her name is already quite unique, the addition of the suffix makes the fan base name sounds artistic.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 303k
Instagram: 129k
Twitter: 34.7k

8. Izzue Islam – Izzuezers

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(Photo source: Izzue Islam’s FB)

Similar to Soo Wincci, the formation of the fan base names is quite simple as the suffix “-er” is added to his own name. However, the name doesn’t sound as fancy as Soo Wincci’s fan base name and it might be a little bit hard to pronounce for those with rhotacism.

Number of fans and followers on social media:
Facebook: 289k
Instagram: 884k
Twitter: 243k