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TVB actor Tony Hung has laughed off rumours of a falling-out with his “Captain of Destiny” co-star, Ruco Chan.

As reported by On CC, previously, tabloids reported that Ruco was unhappy that Tony was given the opportunity to play the lead, after original cast member, Raymond Wong, had to withdraw due to health problems.

Reportedly, the actor also expressed displeasure that Tony was given more screen time than he was and was not acting seriously on the set.
When asked to address the rumours, Tony light-heartedly replied, “The writers didn’t add more screen time for me. Nothing much from the original story had been changed anyway.”
Tony also stressed that he and Ruco are good friends, seeing that “Captain of Destiny” was their third time working together.
However, the actor admitted that Ruco has always been a serious actor, and that he has a lot to learn from him.
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