The cast members of Dante Lam’s “To the Fore” are excited to learn that the movie has been selected to represent Hong Kong in the run for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film nomination.

According to On CC News, lead actor Eddie Peng recently expressed his delight with the news, saying, “Being selected for the Best Foreign Language Film is a great honour and encouragement for us.”

The Taiwanese star expressed hope that the movie will prove to the global audiences that the Chinese film industry also has the ability to produce great sports films.
Korean idol Choi Si-won, too, admitted that he was extremely happy after hearing the news.
“I am so honoured to be given the chance to participate in the film, and I wish to share this happiness with the director, Eddie Peng and everyone else involved in this film.”
“To the Fore” tells the story of four cyclist friends who faces their own challenges in life and love.
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