American EDM extraordinaire Skrillex electrified fans with his first ever show in Malaysia as the DJ played to a crowd of more than 2,500 fans at KL Live, Life Centre recently.

Born Sonny Moore on January 15, 1988, the DJ used to be the lead singer for rock band, From First to Last, in 2004 before reinventing himself as Skrillex in late 2007.

Having won multiple Grammy Awards as well as MTV Video Music Awards, the 27-year-old is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in music right now.
Fans of various nationalities started lining up at the venue as early as six in the evening, even though the doors only open at eight. Some were spotted wearing tops bearing the DJ’s trademark stylised logo.
H3 opening for Skrillex
(Photo source: Livescape Asia’s Facebook).

Local DJ, H3, opened the show with his own set of bass pumping songs, getting the crowd hyped up for more. True to his style of genre-jumping, H3 (that’s Harith Hisham Hashim, his real name) treated the crowd to several different styles of beats during his set. Though it could be noted that the crowd was more into faster beats with heavier bass, as they tended to slow down and looked disinterested when the genre changed to a mellower beat but came back alive whenever H3 dropped a livelier track.
Up next was Skrillex’s prodigy, Amber “Mija” Giles. With her hair dyed bright blue, the LA-based producer amped up the fun as she rocked the stage with some of her mixes. The crowd was noticeably getting wilder as Mija showed off her skills. 
Mija hyped up the crowd at Skrillex’s
KL Live show (Photo source: Straatosphere).
Skrillex dancing on the DJ booth
(Photo source: Livescape Asia’s Facebook).

As wild as the fans were, they somehow still weren’t showing off their full dancing potential because the moment Skrillex took over the stage, the crowd went off the charts pumped.
There’s a reason why the side-shaved DJ is one of the highest-paid deejays in the world, as proven by his energetic performance and even more energetic welcome from the crowd. For a full one hour and a half, it was nothing but pumping beats interlaced with the DJ picking up the mic to interact with his fans.
Skrillex had his fans waving their hands high up in the air and jumping up and down to the beat of some of his most popular songs. He even jumped on top of the DJ booth to get his fans to dance more. Mija joined in the fun, waving around a flag emblazoned with Skrillex’s logo.
Skrillex and his fans at his first
show in KL (Photo source: Mija’s Twitter).

As “Cinema” was playing in the background, the DJ took out the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian Flag) and proudly displayed it onstage. Showing off his love to his Malaysian fans, since this is his first time performing for them, the DJ didn’t let go of the flag until the end of his set and even took photos with his fans with the flag draped over his shoulders.
After a night of upbeat fun, fans were quite reluctant to see the DJ go. But every good thing comes to an end, and the show ended at around 1am with the crowd still pumped up from the electrifying experience!
(Photo source: Livescape Asia’s Facebook)