Hong Kong comedienne Sandra Ng recently became the recipient of Hong Kong People Choice Awards’ “UA Highest Grossing Hong Kong Film Actress for the Past 30 years”.

According to Oriental Daily News, the actress, who was unable to come to the event due to her hectic theatre schedule, joked, “Thank you UA for giving me this award. But I have to clarify, I haven’t made box office movies for 30 years.”

Sandra, who won similar award more than ten years ago alongside Andy Lau, added, “According to this calculation, after winning it ten years ago, and winning it now, ten years from now, I should still win this!”
The Queen of Comedy stated that she is one of the lucky few who joined the industry during the golden age of Hong Kong film, and was able to enjoy box office success even during the Hong Kong market decline.
In related news, the actress has also won Most Memorable Hong Kong Film Character through her role as Kam in “Golden Chicken”. She was also honoured with the Golden Phoenix Award in Malaysia, though Sandra was unable to come to the event due to her busy schedule. 
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