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Singer-rapper-songwriter Kenny Hughes, or more famously known as Radio3000, collaborated with Malaysian rapper SonaOne on his R&B single, “Nervous”.

The US-Malaysia collaboration, produced by Bryan B. (who also produced Siti Nurhaliza’s as well as other local artists’ albums) along with FatBoy Tony and Jupiter P from America, also features labelmate HRoc.

Hailing from Northern California, Radio3000 and Hroc now live in both Malaysia and America, calling themselves “half-based drifters”.
Hoolabaloo recently had a chat with the music label mates and found out what they think of working with SonaOne and which other artists they would like to work with, as well as got the duo to challenge themselves in their future project!
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HRoc (left) and Radio3000 showing off
their bling (and bowtie).
How did your collaboration with SonaOne come about and how was it like working with him?
Radio3000: I was in the car, this was when I first came to Malaysia, and I heard “No More” on the radio and I thought it was some new artist from back in America. So I researched and found out he was a local artist. He has the sound that can transcend and go all around the world. I met him and told him I wanted to collaborate. He was cool about it. HRoc got on the song as well. It just worked out. 
I was really happy that SonaOne was able to get on the record with us for multiple reasons. For one, he has really great talent. Two, he’s got a nice presence here in Malaysia, and we have a good presence in the States so I thought it was a really good thing to cross over our fanbases.
HRoc: It was actually pretty dope. The record was hot. By the time I got to it, I just had to put my flair on it. It was already sautéed and ready to go. It was an awesome experience and working with SonaOne that was great too. I like him.
Malaysian singer-songwriter SonaOne (Mikael Adam)
[Photo source: It’s The Ship].
How has the reception toward the song “Nervous” been? 
Radio3000: The reception has been really good. It’s growing for our first release, we’re doing some pretty good numbers. People are actually watching and liking and sharing the video online. The radio stations are starting to pick it up here in Malaysia and overseas. I think it’s going be one of those things that’s going to grow over the next couple of months. Hopefully we get a nice 2 to 3-month run, singles don’t last that long these days but hopefully we can get a couple of months out of it [laughs].
HRoc: Also, when were on tour in America for three months, promoting the record, the responses were awesome. From kids to older people, everybody loved the song.
Any other Malaysian artists you would like to work with and why?
Radio3000: Yes, we actually have a collaboration right now with Kayda and Hunny Madu. We just sent a record to Joe Flizzow, so we’re just waiting for that response. And then some of the other artists… I would love to write for Sheila Majid in the future and anybody else here that wants to work with Radio3000. I’ve seen their work, for one. And I got the chance to meet them. Prior to even meeting them in person, I actually was doing my research. Anywhere I go, any country I go to, I always check out who’s the “it” factor in the country. So I’ve done my research and these are the ones that I like.
HRoc: I actually do want to work with Joe Flizzow, personally. DJ Biggie as well, he’s a great producer and DJ, and a few other artistes that I’m a fan of. I just got to research them a little more. I don’t research much like him [Radio3000]. I just go out and if I see someone I like, then I’ll think of doing a song with them.
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Radio3000 wishes to work with Chris Brown and Bruno Mars.
What about international artists?
Radio3000: I would definitely love to have my own song with Chris Brown. Also, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Bruno Mars, for sure, Bruno is phenomenal. I think we have a very retro-futuristic type of style and I think we would work together good. André 3000, that’s like a dream come true. Any of the greats. I’m a fan of the greats.
HRoc: I want to branch out and work with a lot of EDM DJs. With David Guetta, Aoki, these are the type of people that I want to do collaborations with because I just really like it. It’s really good music for me, personally.
Radio3000: Yeah, Hroc is like…if you could put a good rapper, let’s say, I’ll give him three people, he’s like a Tupac-ish, Snoop-ish mixed with a Lil Jon. Naturally, he’s a hype man. But usually, hype man can’t rap but he can actually rap so he’s the next generation of hype man that can rap.
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HRoc is a “hype man that can rap”.
Who or what is your musical insipiration?
Radio3000: Non-famous, I would have to say my father and my sister. My father was a musician when he was younger, from New Orleans. My sister sung all the time so I was always listening and figuring out how to do melodies and stuff. If artistes, Michael Jackson of course, and like I said, the greats. Michael Jackson, Tupac, Cab Calloway, Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill, those are my top 5. I’m really attracted to melodies when it comes to sounds, I love melodies and harmonies. Life inspires me, the fabric of life and whatever I see. 
HRoc: That’s what I would have to say also. Music itself is the inspiration. Like you just always have songs in your head, you’re always thinking, just singing something. Music’s always been a motivation to just go for it and try to change my reality through music. Since it’s always in my head, might as well make it my life.
Radio3000: It’s an escape too, from the environment that we were raised up in. Our teenage years, younger years, it was a lot of suppression and darkness and we come from an environment that some people don’t think they’re going to live past a certain age. So for us to have music as an escape, to tell all those stories about that environment, it’s really amazing and it’s been an escape on many different levels. From getting out of those environment to going to other places where you’ll have to deal with other trials and tribulations of life. Music is always an escape, when I don’t know what to do, I go to music.
What other genre would you want to try?
Radio3000: We do all genres. I wish we could’ve done a song where you could’ve heard everything, like rock, hip hop, all in one song. 
HRoc: So right here on record, we’re going challenge ourselves. We’re going to give it all in one song.
Radio3000: An explosion fusion. As long we could maintain the soul and who we are, doesn’t really matter what style of music we do because we were raised on so many different genres, we just want to make sure we can maintain our spirit throughout whatever genre it is, music is music to me. Some music I’m not really feeling though, I can’t really do death metal. Death metal I just don’t understand [laughs]. Too much going on but hey, to each his own. 
HRoc: I want do all genres, I want to do EDM, hip hop, R&B, soul, funk, I want to do it all. I want to do all parts of productions as far as music goes because I just love music, I love symphony, I love orchestra, I love everything about music.
Radio3000 filmed his “Nervous” music video featuring SonaOne and HRoc in Malaysia, check it out here: