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The worldwide premiere of Malaysian pop band Paperplane Pursuit’s latest single “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” was just released on YouTube today.

The high-spirited and lively song talks about chasing dreams and doing what you want to do without letting anyone getting in your way.

The song sure is catchy and it also has a few references of the famous children’s song “Pop Goes the Weasel”, but it only remains the word ‘pop’ while changing the rest of the phrase with a similar sounding rhyme.

The catchiest part of the song is the opening part of the chorus; “They said, they said, you’re not gonna make it,” which sounds sort of the tease used by children to mock someone.

The song has a similar vibe to the band’s previous hit, “Feel Good”, but it’s a lot catchier, more enthusiastic and full of dynamic beats!

The music video shows a female gymnast training while the trio is seen jamming in a boxing ring, driving in a bubble pop pink car and dancing on a balcony.

Overall, the song is vibrant, gleeful and full of positive messages! Check it out!