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Malaysian pop alternative rock band, OAG makes a comeback to the local music scene with a brand new album and all new band members except for the vocalist, Radhi and guitarist, Nizam.

The band was formed back in 1992 and the original line-up of the band were made up of Radhi, Qi(drums), Mohd Azrie Hadi aka Ayie(guitar), Ivan(lead guitar) and Lam(bass guitar).

The band has been frequently changing its members since then, making its total number of past band members of around 18 of them.

The current line-up which is the fifth generation of OAG joining Radhi and Nizam – is now made up of Azam (drums), Nazrin (bass guitar), and Izmer (keyboard).

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Three of the new members are former students of Aswara while guitarist Nizam is a member of the third generation OAG band.

It has been 10 years since OAG’s last album “OrAnG”. Their new album “OrAnG Ep 02” is said to be the continuation of “OrAnG”.

The lead single of the band’s latest album which is now in final production – has been released.

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Titled as “BawahTanahAir”, the song was actually written 10 years ago, but never got a chance to be released. After going through a lot of lyrical changes, “BawahTanahAir” was officially launched and released on YouTube during the eve of Merdeka.

“BawahTanahAir” is a patriotic song that talks about peace and harmony between races and not letting political pressures tear the people apart.

“The political issues of late are straining everyone. As a patriotic person, I hope the opposition and the government would stop their brawls and unite,” said the vocalist and founder of OAG, Radhi, during the launch of their lead single at Warner Music Malaysia’s office yesterday.

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Check out the music video of their song below.