Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse is furious that a
fake version of his top-selling cookies, “Taste of Nic” are being
sold on the Internet.

According to On CC News, the counterfeit
cookies which has been selling online not unlike his own product, has an almost
90 percent similarity to Nicholas’ cookies from the packaging to the shape of
the cookies, with the only difference being the taste.
Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok stated that
Nicholas was angry about the issue especially since his hard work has been
reduced to a low-quality counterfeit.
“Nicholas is afraid that people who eat
the counterfeit cookies will get health problems,” said Mani.
The manager also stated that the actor is now
planning to make changes in terms of its packaging and trademark, to ensure
that counterfeiters will not be able to steal his products again.

(Photo Source: www.on.cc.hk)