Rumours are rife that TVB has banned Myolie Wu after the actress decided to sign with Stephen Shiu Jr.’s company, GME.

According to Apple Daily, previously, it was reported that TVB Chairman Charles Chan has offered the actress a hefty contract renewal amounting to HKD36 million to make her stay.

However, when it was revealed that Myolie has chosen GME over TVB, Chan decided to ban the actress from appearing in all the promotional activities for her new series, “Every Step You Take”, as well as other future events related to TVB.
When asked to address the rumours, Myolie only replied, “TVB has their own policies. I understand where they’re coming from, so it’s okay.”
As for her decision to sign with GME instead of TVB, Myolie stated in a previous interview that it was a difficult choice for her, since she has been with TVB for 16 years.
“But I was touched by Stephen’s sincerity, and we both have the same idea about the directions we want to go. This, for me, is much more important than money,” she said.
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