Taiwanese singer-songwriter Maggie Chiang has given
birth to a healthy baby boy.
According to UDN News, the 35- year-old
singer, who opted for a C-section, stated, “It’s great to finally see my
son, when he has been inside me for nine months. It’s a strange feeling yet so
Maggie revealed that she was having a meal
with fellow singer-songwriter Peggy Hsu two days ago when her water broke.
“I was surprised since the original due date
was 12 September. So I quickly contacted my husband,” said Maggie.
Husband Trevor Lin then took her to the
hospital, where they welcomed their son, who weighs at 3.6kg.
Maggie will be doing her confinement at home
after a five-day stay in the hospital.

(Photo Source: Chinayes.com)