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Newly-crowned Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak has recently apologised for accidentally making a negative remark about an old colleague while denying rumours of romance between them.

According to On CC, the Cambridge Law graduate previously denied being romantically involved with an Oxford-graduate lawyer named Joe Lam, after tabloids reported that the two of them have been dating secretly for a while.

When asked if there is a chance for their friendship to develop into love, Louisa replied in the negative and stated that Joe lacked the maturity she needed in a man.
In response to Louisa’s statement about him, Joe changed the introduction part of his Instagram account to “I am still not mature enough”.
To this, Louisa posted a long message online to express her regret for having affected a lot of people around her with her words.
She wrote: “‘What is maturity?’ I asked myself. […] A real mature person would know his direction in life, recognise his own likes and dislikes, and has self-realisation.”
The 23-year-old also pleaded with the media to give the two of them some space as Joe works in a professional field and has nothing to do with showbiz.
“My friend works in a professional sector. It is inappropriate for him to become a subject of an entertainment news report. I beg you to give us space.”
She added, “Yes, he and I are not mature enough. The two of us are heading towards our own goals. We will continue to support each other along the way,” said Louisa.
However, her new post has only fuelled speculations that the two of them are indeed dating.
(Photo source: scmp.com)