Rumours are rife that Louis Koo are casting several of his top star friends for the upcoming movie adaptation of his hit TVB series, “A Step into the Past”, including original co-star and former TVB actor Raymond Lam.

As reported on HK Channel, rumours sparked after Louis was spotted having a discussion over dinner with “The Apostle” star in a fancy restaurant in Causeway Bay.

Soon after, Hong Kong’s best actor Sean Lau was spotted arriving at the location. At around 10pm, movie star Francis Ng was seen leaving the premise with Sean, while a cheery looking Cheung Tat Ming flagged down a taxi.
Raymond and Louis continued their discussion until 11pm, and were later spotted leaving the restaurant afterwards.
When asked about their meeting, Louis hinted that the group had been discussing a big project, but declined to elaborate more.
(Photo source: hk.apple.nextmedia.com)