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Taiwanese lyricist Li Kun-cheng, who shocked many back in 2013 with his romance with then 17-year-old girlfriend Lin Jing-en, revealed that the two of them have started making preparations for their upcoming marriage next year in November.

According to Tencent Entertainment, the 58-year-old lyricist recently appeared on a TV programme with her now 19-year-old girlfriend, saying that they have not planned for an elaborate wedding, and that the most important thing for them is to register the marriage and become a legal husband and wife.

Li also revealed that they are planning to have children as soon as possible.
“I have at least 20 years of my life to be with her. If we have a child, at least the child will keep her company,” said Li, emotionally.
As for Netizens calling their relationship a ‘grandfather-granddaughter” scandal, Li stated that they have learned to turn a deaf ear.
“I have lost a lot of friends because of it. But I am not worried, since she is faithful to me, and always shared her thoughts with me,” he said.
(Photo source: setn.com)