She can sing, she can dance, and now Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai proves that she is also a master cake decorator.

As reported on Sina News, the singer, who has surprised many with her cake making skills – from baking a minion cake for boyfriend Vivian Dawson, to crafting a mini Jolin on a cake to resemble her album cover – recently presented her latest cake decorating masterpiece on a TV show in the shape of Empress Wu Zetian.

On 8 September, Jolin revealed her creation, which she said was inspired by the series, “The Empress of China”, much to the show’s host’s amazement. 
According to Jolin, the cake, which features all the intricate details of Empress Wu’s dress and accessories, is proof of her competitiveness trait.
“Someone challenged me to a contest and that person made a Cinderella cake. I don’t like to lose. If someone challenges me, I will do my best to beat him or her,” said Jolin, who revealed that she studied photos of the character online before determining the dimension of the cake.
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