It was reported that Jam Hsiao’s infamous Japanese stalker Yuki will be facing charges for defamation and other crimes against the singer and his manager, Summer.

As reported on Now News, Taiwan’s Shilin District Prosecutor Office announced recently that Yuki, whose real name is Kageyama Tomonori, will be charged based on her series of Weibo posts from 2012, in which she shared baseless rants and photos of Jam and Summer with slanderous captions such as “Wicked woman”, “Taiwan scum” and “will be cheated”.

A representative of the Prosecutor’s Office disclosed that an investigation made on the case found that Yuki’s remarks were purely abusive and damaging to Jam and Summer’s reputation.
In addition, they also found evidence to a 2013 allegation made by the singer’s manager that Yuki had been harassing them, including delivering soup to Jam and taking a photo with his parked motorcycle.
However, another case against Yuki, who was the prime suspect of a series of threats sent to Jam and several other premises in the likes of packages containing joss paper and live insects last year, was dropped due to inconclusive evidence.  
(Photo source: nownews.com)