It was previously rumoured that Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy will be holding their wedding reception on 8 October.

Now the celebrity couple has confirmed that it will indeed be held in less than two weeks away, according to ChinaYES.

However, even though the date is set, it still remains to be seen who will be Huang’s best man and Angelababy’s maid of honour.  
Some of the candidates include mainland Chinese actor Wu Jing, CEO of Pusi Capital Wang Sicong, Running Man‘s Zheng Kai, Deng Chao and Angelababy’s close friend Ni Ni.
When it comes to the wedding bouquet, the couple already has plans to reserve it for good friend, Fan Bingbing, who recently said her boyfriend Li Chen “can eventually become a good husband and good father.”
Meanwhile, another close friend, Li Bingbing, joked that she will wear sneakers to the wedding so she can jump higher to catch the bouquet.  
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