“Captain of Destiny”, which premiered recently to an average viewership rating of 25 points peaking at 27, has received complaints from viewers regarding its portrayal of a police officer.

According to Mingpao news, the Communications Authority recently received 104 complaints from viewers, mostly regarding Grace Chan’s character as the rookie cop Wong Tai Mui.

In one of the scenes involving Wong Tai Mui’s encounter with a suspect of a kidnapping, she proclaimed, “Don’t you know that I can arrest you for insulting a police officer?”
This, many commented, is misleading to the public, as many would then believe that insulting a police officer is considered a crime in Hong Kong Law.
However, when asked to respond to such criticism, Grace explained that it was just a misunderstanding.
“My character knows the law, and was only saying those words to stall the suspect, since she saw something else (a kidnapped businessman) at the time,” said the actress.
Grace expressed hopes that viewers will watch every episode in its entirety and not nitpick on certain dialogues.
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