Fan Bingbing has refused to reduce the amount
of compensation she demanded in her case against a Taiwanese clinic.
Previously, the “Lady of the
Dynasty” star sued the a clinic for illegally using her photo to advertise
its plastic surgery service.
In a mediation process held recently by the
Taipei District Court to discuss the amount of compensation, the two parties
failed to come to an agreement in regards to the actual amount.
A legal representative of the clinic stated
that in similar cases where celebrities faces are illegally used for
advertisement, the amount of compensation is set between RMB 40,000 (USD 6,294)
to 100,000 (USD 15,371).
However, the actress had demanded for damages
amounting up to RMB 2 million (USD 314,727).
To this, her lawyer pointed out that Fan is
internationally recognised and worth at least RMB 10 million in endorsement,
thus, the impact is much more severe than other cases.

The case will continue on trial.

(Photo Source: Dramafever.com)