While rumours are rife that Charlene Choi and William Chan broke up due to a third party involvement, the Twins member recently denied it, saying that it was a mutual decision.

As reported on Apple Daily news, previously on 20 September, both the singer and actor boyfriend William Chan released a joint-statement announcing the end of their relationship. Although they stated that the pressure from the media and the public was one of the reasons for their breakup, many speculated that William’s rumoured romance with his “The Legend of Zu” co-star, Zanilia Zhao, might have been the actual reason.

Speaking to the media at the “Gala Spectacular Charity Concert” rehearsal on 21 September, Charlene stressed that that was not the case at all.
“I can guarantee that there is no third party involved. In truth, the two of us are always busy and had no time to see each other. Having a long distance relationship is stressful, and we just didn’t have the time,” said Charlene.
The singer also denied rumours that William’s popularity in mainland China was another reason they parted ways, saying that the actor is “not that kind of person”.
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