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An exciting obstacle race series called The Heroes Obstacles will soon take place at the end of next month, so get ready to have the run of your lives!

The event is created by Paradox – a public relations, advertising and event agency based in Petaling Jaya – who wishes to use obstacle runs and marathons and turn them into life-challenging experience as they aim to promote health and fitness in Malaysia.

Therefore, the Paradox team has created The Heroes Series which comprises of 20 different types of obstacles spanning a 10 kilometer trail around the Sepang International Circuit.

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The challenges aim to test runners’ reflexes, quick thinking, teamwork and sportsmanship, as they will need to go through a course of battle field and successfully reach their destination.

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All sorts of obstacles will be prepared for the participants including mazes, prisons, shipwreck, and more – there’s going to be tons of excitement!

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Taking place at the Sepang International Circuit, the first series will be held on 31 October 2015 with tickets price starting from RM89 onwards.


The tickets can be purchased from myheroesseries.com.