Taiwanese actor-turned-director Richie Jen recently expressed sadness over the destruction of a bed and breakfast set built for his directorial debut, “All You Need is Love”.

According to Mingpao News, the new director previously spent around HKD5 million to build the Penghu Bay Bed and Breakfast in Baisha Bay for the movie’s particular use.

Since the location was part of a conservation area, no permanent structure could be built on top of it, making it quite unstable.
With no firm foundation for it to stand on, the bed and breakfast was blown apart by the Typhoon Soudelor that struck Taiwan last week.
After seeing the photos of the damage, Richie expressed, “The typhoon caused a lot of damage. The main location was completely destroyed, which was quite heartbreaking for me.”
Richie said that the authorities will not give any budget in its restoration, thus he will have to find a way to rebuild it.
“If the film does well, we would come up with ways to rebuild it. This is one of the main locations of our film, and it serves a special memory in our heart,” said Richie. 
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