Get ready for Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival (DiverseCity2015) – a multi-genre festival which will showcase the complex, rich and nuanced diversity of Malaysia and explores its close ties and deep relationships with ASEAN in terms of dance, music, comedy, traditional and literature.

With the theme “Rediscovering Our Heritage”, the festival will take place for a whole month starting from 1 September to 4 October 2015 at 20 venues in the city and will feature a number of international, regional as well as local arts and entertainment personalities who will be showcasing their talents in their respective fields.
There will be a total of five genres – Dance, Traditional, Music, Comedy and Literature – and each genre is curated and produced by a leading practitioner in that genre along with an extraordinary line-up.
“We are pleased that the programmes will showcase the extraordinary diversity of our nation; not just on racial diversity but also the original and some contemporary interpretations of traditional performances, foreign and local artists as well as government-linked and private arts organisations,” said DiverseCity Director, Sunita Rajakumar, as quoted by The Rakyat Post.
Check out what you can expect from each festival genre:-

1. Comedy (16 – 23 September 2015)


Curated by famous actor and stand-up comedian Harith Iskandar, the comedy festival just might be the largest laugh-fest in Asia as it will present more than 60 acts from 14 countries for over 8 days, featuring some of the best comedians from regional countries like Philippines, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea, and also some international ones from Australia, Great Britain, America, New Zealand and South Africa. Some notable comedians include Jarred Fell, Kavin Jay, Vivek Mahbubani, Matt Davis, Alan Bates, Paul Ogata, Barry Hilton, Mo Sidik and more! For more information on the time and venue, visit

2. Music (29 August – 3 October 2015)


Presented by Malaysian jazz legend Michael Veerapen, the music festival will feature a massive number of shows from jazz to rock, percussion and pop featuring more than 200 bands and musicians from Malaysia as well as abroad! Some of them include Bunkface, Iklim, Dasha Logan, No Noise Percussion, Akasha, Gerard Singh, Man Kidal, Zainal Abidin and more. The music festival divides into six categories – Pub Festival, Rock Festival, ASEAN Jazz Festival, ASEAN Percussion Festival, Alexis & No Black Tie Sessions and ASEAN Pops Festival. For more information on the time and venue, visit

3. Traditional (5 September – 4 October 2015)

Led by PUSAKA Art Centre’s Project Director and Founder Eddin Khoo, the traditional festival will have the very best traditional arts from Azerbaijan to Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Acheh and also Malaysian very own homegrown art traditions. More than 70 international performers of cultural traditions from Southeast Asia, South Asia and Western Asia, as well as over 150 local performers of authentic cultural traditions from all over Malaysia, will showcase various traditional performances including 100-man Dikir Barat, Saman Dance from Acheh, Mak Yong Dance from Kelantan, Mugham from Azebaijian, Qawwali from Pakistan and more! For more information on the time and venue, visit

4. Dance (2 September – 4 October 2015)


Created by Sutra Foundation Founder Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, the dance festival will showcase 12 extraordinary dance performances by official dance productions from contemporary to traditional dance genres. With creative choreography and moves, each dance theatre will incorporate, portray and reflect important stories, messages and moral values along with the today’s trends. Some of the renowned dance productions from Malaysia include Alamak Entertainment, ASWARA, Sutra Foundation, Dua Space Dance Theatres, MyDance Alliance and also GuaGuang Opera Company from Taiwan. For more information on the time and venue, visit

5. Literature (4 – 22 September 2015)


Curated by Managing Director and CEO of ITBM (Malaysian Institute of Translation) Mohd Khair Ngadiron, the ASEAN-based literature festival will feature prominent poets, performing artists from shadow play, monologists, authors and speakers from Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as SEA Write winners. The highlight of the festival will be the special joint performance between Kelantanese Shadow Play and and Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo, a traditional Japanese puppet performance. There will also be a special appearance from famous Malaysian monologist Khalid Salleh, better known as Wak Khalid who will be performing alongside other ASEAN monologists. For more information on the time and venue, visit

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