come home love 2 lacking

“Come Home Love” producer has recently confirmed rumours that Priscilla Wong and Louis Cheung will not stay permanently in the series as the lead stars.

According to HK Channel, executive producer Luo Zhen Yue revealed the news recently, saying, “Their characters will be separated due to irreconcilable differences in their opinion about marriage.”

“The two characters will both leave Hong Kong on a separate journey to discover more about themselves.”

Luo explained that the decision has nothing to do with the recent drop in ratings, but that the two stars had originally signed on to the show for a limited time and will be leaving in two months.

As for rumours that the show is hoping to invite the original cast back, Luo said that they do hope so. However, most of the stars are unavailable for the time being.

“But if there is an opening in their schedule and the storyline fits, we will consider getting them back.”

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