Patrick Tse was obviously not happy with Kenneth Tsang’s take on the slapping incident.
Previously, the 79-year-old actor accused Kenneth of faking his illness while filming their travel show, “Three Amigos Bon Voyage”. Unsatisfied with Kenneth’s reply, Patrick quickly got up and tried to slap the 80-year-old.

When asked about the issue later on, a calm-looking Kenneth stated that he hoped that they will get past the issue and that he’ll wait for Patrick Tse to mend their relationship.

According to Morning Post News, this statement did not sit well with Patrick, who flared up at the idea of him approaching Kenneth for forgiveness.
“Tell him to wait until the day I am in my coffin!” he retorted. “Have you seen me so angry before? He deserves to be punished!”
Patrick revealed that the cause of his anger went beyond Kenneth’s supposed fake illness during filming in Russia.
“I have to swallow my anger and be patient with him while we were shooting. But when it comes to the dubbing process, he didn’t give me any break at all,” said Patrick.
Allegedly Kenneth kept hinting that Patrick was holding everybody up with his slow pace.
“I haven’t been dubbing for more than two years, unlike him, who does it every day. If I had his experience in dubbing, I would be able to finish quick as well,” said Patrick.
He said that Kenneth was pacing up and down while he was dubbing until the director asked him to sit down.
“After recording, he asked me to take him home. I didn’t say anything and quickly left.”
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