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Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tse was still upset over the issue concerning Kenneth Tsang during an interview with the media recently.

According to Tencent Entertainment, previously, the 79-year-old actor sparked hullabaloo at a press conference when he accused his “Three Amigos Bon Voyage” cast member Kenneth Tsang of faking illness during filming.

When Kenneth tried to explain himself, Patrick stood up and tried to slap him, an attempt that failed due to Bowie Wu’s intervention.
Clarifying the incident further, Patrick said that during their shoot in Russia, Kenneth would complain about his pain whenever it was time to film, and would sit on his wheelchair.
The production staff often had to wheel him around during that time.
“Nobody dared to say anything when we were in Russia. There is no reason to cart him around day and night,” he said.
When asked if he would cooperate with Kenneth again in the future, Patrick replied in the negative, and stressed that there is no possibility of reconciliation between them.
“He’s not my friend,” he said.
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