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Indie pop sibling band, Echosmith from California came all the way down to Malaysia last weekend to headline the inaugural ‘Good Vibes Presents’ show, finally making their debut show in Malaysia!

The band which made up of the Sierota siblings; Sydney, Jamie, Noah and Graham – gained fame in the music industry through their song “Cool Kids” which has been playing on repeat on the radio!

What’s cooler is that we – TheHive.Asia got to talk with the members of the talented band of siblings ahead of their performance at KL Live, last Saturday.

Unfortunately, one of the siblings, Jamie (the oldest brother) did not come along for the show because he will soon be a father!

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(L-R) Noah, Sydney and Graham.

So, we talked with the three siblings on why they didn’t use their family name as the band name, the musical artistes that they wish to collaborate with in the future and more!

Since this is your first visit to Malaysia, how do you like it here? Did you try any of the food?
Noah: I got to explore a little bit. We’ve all tried some food and its really good. I like how it is make from different kinds of things, the spices are really yummy! Tonight there’s a night market, I hope we can all go. Well, we got to walk around the city a few hours ago, and got to go to the tower. It is a really beautiful city.

I read somewhere that all of you have been playing musical instruments since you were young, but do you guys have the same music taste too?
Noah: I think in some ways we share a lot of the same taste but we all do for sure have our own things that we really like. A lot of the time when we find an artiste, we share it with each other.

Have you guys ever wanted to try a different genre?
Sydney: Yeah. We tried a few different things. Because we have been a band for so long, so there is just so much time to experiment. We had a really electronic phase, rock, experimental, funk and also an acoustic phase, we tried almost everything. And naturally what started to come out when we weren’t trying to be anything was what Echosmith is now.

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Would you like to collaborate with other artistes to create something from a different genre then? Who would that be and why?
Sydney: We’re definitely open for collaboration for sure. We did collaborate with Zedd recently. That was definitely something that was obviously different. But it still fit and it was a really cool collaboration. Also, if we’re a really big fan of someone and it seems like it makes sense, we’ll definitely consider it at least. For example The Killers or Coldplay would be amazing to collaborate with. Ed Sheeran would be awesome too or maybe a rapper like Kanye West. So, yeah, we’re open for collaboration.

If you weren’t musicians, what would you be doing right now?
Sydney: Maybe I’ll be a yoga teacher. I like to get a workout and be more flexible. It is awesome to have fun and work at the same time.
Graham: I would make video games.
Noah: I’d probably be a chef, cooking food all the time. I love to cook – and eat!

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Apparently, your band name was inspired from a blacksmith because you guys are “shaping music”. But why didn’t you guys put your family names instead like all the other sibling bands like The Moffatts, Hanson and The Corrs?
Sydney: Because it’s kind of a confusing name where nobody knows how to spell it or say it. Also, it’s not really cool last name unlike Hanson which sounds so good, or the Jackson 5.
Noah: Sierota is hard to pronounce and spell, and nobody even knows what it means or where it’s from.
Sydney: It means ‘orphan’ in Polish in case you’re wondering, which is very ironic.
Noah: We know how to say it and for us, that’s all that matters.
Sydney: That’s why we decided against it.

So last question, when is the next album coming out?
Sydney: We’ll start to work on it next year. We’ll start to write and record it, and maybe release it too. We haven’t had the time to do literally anything new because we’ve been so busy promoting “Talking Dreams”. So, we will be working on it soon.