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Multi-talented controversial Malaysian artiste Namewee never fails to miss out on any important issues or events in Malaysia. Just like when the Lynas issue occurred in 2012 he created the song “Good Day to Die” to criticise the issue, and during the 2013 election, he released a song titled “Wake Up” to ask the people to stand up for their rights.

Now, he is back with a new music video titled “Merdeka Shuffle” and the song is dedicated to the coming National Day as well as a reflection to the recent Low Yat racial issue in Malaysia.

The song’s is sung in simple Malay language with one English verse that is sung in Tamil-slang. Ricky Martin’s iconic “Ole, Ole” lyrics from his song “La Copa de la Vida” is also included in the song but is changed to “Boleh, Boleh” instead.

The song starts off with a Chinese school girl who walks pass the Low Yat plaza at night. She then some across a group of Malay bikers. When she was about to run away, Namewee appeared behind her, wearing a shirt with the words “Save Malaysia” while holding the the national flag, then he started singing and invited the Malay guys to do the shuffle dance with him.

A few black and white clips of the Low Yat fight are also included within the 4-minute music video.

The songs talks about unity among race, saying that as Malaysians we should work together without caring about the colour of our skin.

The song was released on Monday, 24 August and already has 215k views and almost 5k likes. It was shared on Facebook 3.7k times to date.