If you are craving for something palatable but are getting bored of your usual options, then give these trendy desserts a try.
Not only will it win you some points on the social scale (your Instagram followers will thank you for the amazing pics), you will also discover a whole new world of satisfying your sweet tooth without feeling like you’ve single-handedly deprived the world of sugar and set yourself further down the road of self-destruction (read: these are considerably healthy).
Read on for our recommended spoon-licking goodness:

1. Coconut ice cream 

Coconut ice cream with nuts and corn
(Photo source: Nutty Coco)
Cold and creamy, ice cream has always been the number one dessert for most. Unfortunately, those who are lactose intolerant (or watching their weight) would have to steer clear due to the dairy content and usually high fat and sugar content. In comes coconut ice cream to save the day! Borrowing the idea from neighbouring country, Thailand, Chatuchak-style coconut ice cream is becoming quite a craze in Malaysia. 
Not surprising since not only is anything coconut perfect to be consumed for a cooling effect on a hot day, coconuts also have many health benefits including being high in antioxidants and has cholesterol-lowering properties. 
Shops like Sangkaya offers the refreshing concoction made with no eggs and dairy, but still tastes creamy, making it the perfect dessert for vegans and weight-watchers. Top it off with several choices of healthy toppings like grated coconut, corns and nuts. Nutty Coco also offers these tasty scoops in husks, and is a good option for those looking for a less creamy and more sorbet-like texture.
(Photo sources: Open Rice/yvonnethemeanie, Nutty Coco, Yelp/Hobart L.)

2. Macaron ice cream

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(Photo source: Negative Celsius’ Facebook)
Moving on to a sweet treat that if done right, can be one of the healthier options around. Macaron (not to be confused with macaroon – one is a meringue-based cookie and the other is basically shredded coconut – though macaroon has become an umbrella term for small, sweet confections) is usually a challenge to bake due to its altogether crunchy (on the outside), soft and yet slightly chewy texture but that very same thing is what draws the crowd to it.
Often made from egg whites, icing sugar, sugar, ground almond powder and food colourings, this delectable dessert still packs some calories so go easy on it – no matter how bright and inviting the colours are. Traditionally, two halves are joined together with buttercream, ganache or jam filling in between, but nowadays serving it with ice cream is all the craze. 
While macaron ice cream can be found at The Cream & Fudge Factory, Nu Sentral, Negative Celsius, operated out of a food truck, is more popular among the youngsters especially due to its customisable flavours. You can pick two different colours for the “sandwich” and choose the ice cream flavour to go with them, sprinkle with a topping of your choice and voila! – a super colourful and tasty treat ready to be enjoyed.
(Photo source: Da Liu Lian)
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(Photo source: Burpple/Negative Celsius)

3. Bingsu

(Photo source: Caffe Bene’s Flickr)
Not ice cream, per se, but it is often served with scoops of ice cream. This may bring to mind the local shaved ice dessert ice kacang but this popular Korean summer dessert often has a wider and healthier range of base flavours and toppings to garnish it with. The icy treat is popularised in Malaysia by South Korean cafés such as Caffe Bene (reportedly the first Korean coffee franchise to receive the Halal certification from JAKIM), Dal.Komm Coffee and Publika’s Namoo On The Park.
Back in the Joseon Dynasty, bingsu is served as broken ice chips topped with sweetened red bean porridge and flavoured by milk or condensed milk. It has since evolved to include more toppings and flavours (think green tea, chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, etc), some to follow food trend, some for healthier options. Now it is generally topped with cut fruits, nuts and corn flakes, to name a few. 
Served in a bowl or glass (often big enough to be shared by two people, or more), modern bingsu usually comes with a scoop of ice cream and most are very colourfully “photogenic”. The multitude of toppings not only gives nutritional supplements but also dress up the bingsu to make it even more tempting for dessert-lovers. 
(Photo sources: Chase Chin, Caffe Bene’s Facebook,
Eat Drink KL, Yelp/Gwen, Careen Tan)  

4. Honey comb

(Photo source: Milkcow Facebook)
It’s no surprise that Korean desserts are becoming the trend now as not only are they delicious (and pretty), they are also healthy. Combine organic milk ice cream with honey comb, or even liquid honey, and you get a winning combination. 
Opened in Malaysia late last year, Milkcow introduced the honey comb ice cream to the local crowd and shows no sign of stopping since then. The soft-serve ice cream parlour first opened at The Gardens Mall, it has since extended to Sunway Pyramid and most recently, Pavilion KL as well as IPC Shopping Centre.
The ice cream’s light texture and not overwhelming milky taste will be suitable even for the pickiest of eaters. The health conscious can also indulge in it every once in a while as it is healthier than most dessert options especially if you stick to the original honey toppings. Most of the other toppings are also organic such as the cotton candy and sea salt. Or give yourself a treat by choosing one of the finely crafted macarons as topping.
(Photo sources: Burpple/Negative Celsius, Nutty Coco, Milkcow)