Former singer Mandy Chiang has recently clarified rumours about a supposed past romance with Hong Kong singer-actor and former collaborator, Don Li.

According to Mingpao News, rumours of their supposed reconciliation sparked recently when Don posted a photo of them together online, and wrote, “Around seven years!”

Mandy soon published a long post denying rumours of their romance, and said that the two of them have never pursued each other throughout their past collaborations, and could not understand how the old rumours could resurfaced.
The singer also expressed hopes for people to respect their personal lives, and that her clarification will prevent further misunderstanding.
Last year, Mandy clarified the mysterious nature of her sexual preference, saying, “In the years I have been living in Taiwan, I went through two relationships. One was with a woman. Another is with a man.”
However, the man mentioned was not Don. 
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