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9GAG is one of the most popular and largest online humour sites that serve to give everyone all over the world a nice, good laugh.

The site is one of the very first that started the Internet meme trend, and today, there have been several spin-offs of 9GAG, and the most notable one is SGAG which is said to be the Singapore version of 9GAG.

But, Singapore is not the only one who has its own 9GAG version, because recently Malaysia has launched its very own gag community called MGAG which was launched on Facebook last Wednesday, 5 August 2015.

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So far, the Facebook page has garnered more 11,000 likes in less than one week!

The page is yet to have its own official website since it is still very new, but hopefully it will have one in the future.

It is unconfirmed if MGAG is in anyway affiliated to SGAG or 9GAG itself as it could be just a page started by fans. However, there is also another Malaysian humour page which uses the 9GAG brand called 9GAG Malaysia that started in 2012.