A Step into the Past
Hong Kong actor-producer Louis Koo has expressed his interest in adapting his past hit series, “A Step into the Past”, into a movie.

According to Singtao Daily, the actor, who was seen at a brand event recently, stated that he has plans to adapt the series into film, despite rumours of an upcoming TVB remake starring Him Law.

When asked if Him Law would be suitable to play his role as Hong Siu Long in the rumoured remake, an idea that was abhorred by a majority of the series’ followers, Louis stated that he had no way to evaluate it.
The actor also has no issue about his film version clashing with the TVB remake, stating that his version will have a different direction than the series.
As for the cast, Louis plans to maintain old characters, including Wu Ting Fong (played by Jessica Hsuan), Chun Ching (Sonija Kwok), and Chiu Poon (Raymond Lam), though the final decision will only be made after the script is completed.
“A Step into The Past” was aired back in 2001, and tells the story of a 21st century VIPPU special agent who agreed to a time travelling experiment, but was accidentally sent back to the Zhao state of the Warring States period.