Don’t be shocked, but the iconic rocker from America has just sang a ballad – and not just any song, it is a Mandarin Chinese ballad song titled “The Moon Represents My Heart” (月亮代表我的心) made famous by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng.

Surely, many of us have heard of this song before, regardless of our race as the song’s simple lyrics, pronunciation and melody is so iconic that you can just sing it by heart.

The song was originally sung by Chen Fen-lan, but it was Teresa Teng that made it famous with her sweet and hypnotising vocals.

So why is Bon Jovi’s lead singer singing this evergreen love song?

Turns out that the band will be stopping by China in mid-September for his Bon Jovi Live! Tour, so he recorded the song in Chinese as a ‘gift’ to present to his fans in China who are celebrating the Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the Qixi Festival (七夕節).

Well, the band will also be visiting Malaysia soon on 19 September, so let’s hope that they will be performing the song here as well!

Listen to him sing!