Joey Yung Wilfred Lau 6

After confessing that her mother was not a ‘big fan’ of boyfriend Wilfred Lau, Joey Yung recently revealed that they are currently working it out.

Previously, Joey talked about her close relationship with her mother on mainland talk show, “The Jinxing Show”, and revealed that her mother was not very fond of her boyfriend, Hong Kong singer Wilfred Lau.

She stated that the issue may have arisen because Mrs. Yung doesn’t know Wilfred very well and believes that her daughter can do better.

According to Mingpao News, the singer, who performed at the EEG 15th Anniversary Glamorous Concert in Macau recently, stated that she doesn’t talk about her relationship with Wilfred with her mother, but will slowly give her time to get to know him better.

As for whether the two of them will eventually get along, Joey said, “There are a lot of opportunities for us to get along. But the most important thing right now is my mother’s health.”

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