Former TVB star Jessica Hsuan has no plans to return to the company any time soon, despite the mass departure of its top actresses recently.
As reported on On CC News, the actress, who is currently filming a new drama with HKTV, revealed that her schedule is already booked until the end of the year.
“I really don’t have time now, but I will think about it later,” she said.
Jessica also added that she will only film a series with TVB if there is a good script and if the company specifically wanted her in the role.
“If so, I will probably do it. I only accept an offer for a project that I am interested in. For example, this drama I am filming right now is about firefighting. So I quickly accepted the offer,” she said.
Speaking about the new series, Jessica revealed that she plays the role of a paramedic.
“I get to wear a paramedic uniform and learn first aid techniques with actual paramedics,” the actress enthused.
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