“My father is not an impulsive man,” said actress-model Jennifer Tse, in reference to the recent incident at the press conference of “Three Amigos Bon Voyage”.

Previously, veteran actor Patrick Tse made headlines for trying to slap his travel show co-star Kenneth Tsang in front of the media, and blamed the latter for faking illness during the filming of the show.

According to Mingpao News, Jennifer, who accepted an interview for her upcoming film “Knock Knock Who’s There” with co-star Eric Kwok, stated that she was surprised upon hearing the news.
“I was shocked at first. My father is not an impulsive man. He must have his reasons for doing what he did,” she said.
Jennifer revealed that Patrick was never the kind of guy who would resolve into physical altercation.
“When we were children, our mum would be the one who scolded us. Dad wouldn’t say anything. He is serious, but he never punished us physically.”
Co-star Eric Kwok shared the same notion, saying, “I do believe he has his own reasons for what he did.”
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