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Jackie Chan has always admitted to be a traditional Chinese father who believes that his progeny should survive on his own. But that has changed after seeing the relationship between Will Smith and his son, Jaden.

According to Sina News, in an interview in Beijing recently, Jackie stated that he was struck by how attentive Smith was to his son during the filming of “The Karate Kid” back in 2009.

“[Before], I was too Chinese. I was too traditional. I was like, “Son, I don’t want to help you. You have to help yourself,” said the actor. 
“After seeing Will on the set every day, helping his son, I thought, why am I so stubborn? I have to help my son!”
Now, Jackie revealed that he is currently looking for a suitable project for son Jaycee while the latter produces Jackie’s records. 
The “Dragon Blade” star also hopes to sing a duet with Jaycee on one of the tracks.
As for his son’s changed behaviour after his six-month detention on drug charges, Jackie joked that being in jail might be good for people.
“A lot of rich people will go to the mountains to relax and purify themselves. I think I should set up a jail holiday, and force these rich people, myself included, to go to jail!”  
(Photo source: cbc.ca)