Kristal Tin’s series “Ghost of Relativity” has become the new rating champion of 2015, surpassing Fan Bingbing’s “The Empress of China”.

According to Mingpao News, the series’ two-hour finale, which was aired last night, gathered a strong 1.94 million viewers, an average rating of 30 points, and peaked at 33 points (2.13 million).

Its overall average rating is set at 27 points, beating out the mainland historical series by more than a point.
Netizens also speculated that a sequel will soon follow, following the nature of the series’ ending. 
“Ghost of Relativity” tells the story of May (Kristal Tin), whose life changes after she was haunted by the ghost of Gin (Nancy Wu) who wants to return to her office to be with her crush, Michael (Moses Chan).
The ranking of TVB’s highest rated serial dramas of 2015 for the time being is as follows:
1. Ghost of Relativity (average 27 points)
2. The Empress of China (25.3)
3. Noblesse Oblige (25.3)
4. Madam Cutie On Duty (25)
5. Smooth Talker (25)
6. Eye in the Sky (25)
7. Officer Geomancer (24.3)
8. Limelight Years (24)
9. Romantic Repertoire (24)
10. Raising the Bar (23)
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