Avril Lavigne Ashley Tisdale GEM Charmed
Hong Kong diva GEM Tang has been named one of the voice-over stars for John H. Williams’ upcoming musical animation film, “Charming”.

According to China Daily, 3QU Media, the co-producer of the upcoming animation, revealed on Wednesday that three more singers will join Demi Lovato, who will play the female lead, Lenore.

The three stars are Avril Lavigne (Snow White), Ashley Tisdale (Cinderella), and GEM, who will lend her voice for the character Sleeping Beauty.
Williams, who was one of the producers behind “Shrek”, revealed, “Demi, Avril, Ashley, and GEM are popular worldwide. Their Facebook followers, if added up, amount to more than a 100 million, while their Twitter followers more than 60 million.”
GEM reportedly has been looking for a tutor to master the American accent. 
(Photo source: thewrap.com)