Hong Kong singer Fiona Sit revealed recently that it was her cats that saved her from falling deeper into depression.

As reported on Mingpao News, the 34-year-old Cantopop star recently opened up about her relationship with her pets, and revealed that she had suffered from depression back in 2008.

Despite her flourishing career, Fiona admitted that she was plagued with mood disorder. 
“I would shut myself at home and have no desire to go to work. Nobody was able to encourage me or give me positive energy,” she said.
However, everything changed when good friend Joey Leung gave her one of the newborn kittens of his Scottish Fold cat and asked her to take good care of it.
Fiona admitted that the kitten, which she named Ponyo, after Studio Ghibli’s animation film “Ponyo on the Cliff By the Sea”, made her feel responsible and eventually helped her overcome her issue.
“Ponyo is five years old now and still accompanies me, whether I am at the studio to record songs, training Muay Thai, or having meals with friends. It gives me a sense of security, like a family member.”
She later adopted two other stray cats, named Nuannuan and Tissue, though the latter eventually died from congenital heart disease.
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