Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has beaten Hollywood giants including Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie to become the fourth highest paid actress in the world, the only Asian star to do so.

According to a list published by Forbes Magazine recently, the “Lady of the Dynasty” star earned the fourth spot with USD21 million, two million short from comedy actress Melissa McCarthy, who placed third.

Fan, who is one of the biggest Chinese stars at the moment, has appeared in numerous film for the past few years, including Hollywood box office film “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and her own produced series “The Empress of China”.
She has also topped Forbes’ China Celebrity 100 list for three consecutive years since 2013.
Meanwhile, “The Hunger Games” star and Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence topped this year’s list with USD52 million.
The Highest Paid Actresses in the World ranks as follows:
1. Jennifer Lawrence (USD52 million)
2. Scarlett Johansson (USD35.5 million)
3. Melissa McCarthy (USD23 million)
4. Fan Bingbing (USD21 million)
5. Jennifer Aniston (USD16.5 million)
6. Julia Roberts (USD16 million)
7. Angelina Jolie (USD15 million)
8. Reese Witherspoon (USD15 million)
9. Anne Hathaway (USD12 million)
10. Kristen Stewart (USD12 million)
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