Do you think you’re good at giving names? Well, if you do, now is the time to put your talent to the test because there will be a competition to name the newly-born panda cub for the National Zoo in Malaysia.

The cub which was born last Tuesday – is the offspring of the two famous giant pandas Xing Xing and Liang Liang which are loaned by the Chinese government to Malaysia for 10 years from 2014.

According to Bernama, Deputy President of the National Zoo, Rosly@Rahmat Ahmat Lana explained that the competition would be held three months from when the baby panda was born.

“The decision was made to hold the competition to attract as many entries as possible from people throughout the country,” he said on Monday.

Also, the participating conditions will only be announced after taking into consideration the health condition of the cub once it could receive visitors at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre.

The baby panda will only be allowed to stay in Malaysia for 2 years and then would be sent back to China, but Rosly said that he will try to request for another 2 years of extension.

(Photo source: huffingtonpost.com)