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In the times when our country is faced with various crisis from unfortunate plane tragedies, to East Coasts floods as well as the recent economic downfalls and tiresome political affairs – Malaysian soul and R&B singer, Najwa Mahiaddin steps up with her new song, “After the Rain” featuring the Juny brothers or better known as JUNY.

The song definitely is the type that is easy-going as the slow tempo and accompaniment of the piano amplifies the soulful voice of Najwa.

The first verse sang by one of the JUNY brothers certainly is a good introduction to Najwa’s vocals as she comes in strong and determined during the second verse with her deep and powerful voice.

Not to mention, when both of them start to sing together, the harmony they produce is the embodiment of pleasantness.

Presented in a monochromatic style video, the simple yet meaningful lyrics of the song can easily move one to tears but at the same time give ample hope and courage.

“I believe in the power of music and its ability to heal. May this song provide comfort and strength to us all in these trying times,” Najwa posted on her Facebook page yesterday along with the music video.

Najwa who is also the daughter of the former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin release the said song one week after her father was suddenly relieved from the Federal Cabinet.

Check out the music video below.