Rumour has it that Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat and director Wong Jing will be working together again in a new movie.

According to On CC News, Chow, who is currently filming Wong’s “From Vegas to Macau 3”, reportedly will star in the latter’s big screen adaptation of the classic series, “The Bund”.

The series, which Chow starred in in 1980, tells the story of one Hui Man Keung and his development from a small-time gang member to a Shanghai kingpin as well as his unsuccessful relationship with the woman he loves.
Chow reportedly will reprise his role as Hui Man Keung. No news whether Ray Lui, Angie Chiu, and Lau Dan will join the project or not.
Wong previously admitted that he has plans to remake the series, but declined to reveal further details.
The series was previously remade by a mainland production in 2007, starring Huang Xiaoming, Betty Sun Li, and Li Xuejian.
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