20150803 ceciliacheung weibo

Cecilia Cheung was beaming as she talked about her two sons, Lucas and Quintus, on the popular mainland talk show “Day Day Up” recently.

On CC reported that the actress, who has been giving her two boys priority over her own career since their births, recently appeared as a guest on the show, and was asked about her day to day life with the kids.

“My youngest son is just like me,” she enthused. “He likes to talk sweetly to me every day.”

Cecilia choked up as she shared a voice message sent by Quintus, which he said, “Mummy I love you so much. No one will love you [unclear] but I will, because you’re the greatest mummy in the world!”

As for Lucas, Cecilia said, “The oldest like to keep things to himself. He’s cool like that, and thinks he’s handsome.”

The actress also expressed her hopes to have a daughter one day, saying, “I am tired of little boys’ toys. When I discussed it with them about having a little sister, they both agreed as long as she won’t steal their toys.”

Cecilia has recently brought her two sons home to Hong Kong to begin their schooling. The three of them had stayed in Singapore for a couple of years previously.

(Photo source: asiaone.com)