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The two largest burger chains in the world might end their ‘burger wars’ soon this September as Burger King has decided to call a truce with McDonald’s by offering a new hybrid burger called the “McWhopper”.

Combining the two chains’ iconic burgers – Big Mac and Whopper, Burger King sent out a full-page open-letter that was published on the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times on Wednesday explaining to McDonald’s about the proposal.

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Burger Kind suggested that they should “call a ceasefire on these so-called ‘burger wars’, at least for one day for the International Day of Peace established by Peace One Day, a non-profit organisation aimed to raise awareness of the United Nations-recognised Peace Day of 21 September.

This is to set an example to the world and gets people “talking about Peace Day”.

Burger King even laid out all the plans, packaging, recipes and other details on their McWhopper website, check it out!

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Certainly, this is a splendid an idea, what better way to show peace between two rival chains than combining their burgers?

However, McDonald’s may not be too fond of the idea.

In a Facebook statement, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook responded to Burger King’s request and said that the proposal was a “great idea” but believes that the “two brands could do something bigger to make a difference,” meaning that it is a no-go on their side.

Dear Burger King, Inspiration for a good cause… great idea. We love the intention but think our two brands could…
Posted by McDonald’s on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Although Easterbrook did not straight-out reject the offer, but he did not agree to it as well. His respond received numerous complaints from Facebook users who were disappointed by the McDonald’s decision.

Burger King so far have not responded to McDonald’s reply, and since the statement given out by McDonald’s CEO was quite clear, the McWhopper idea might not happen after all. But if it does happen, let’s hope that it will be coming to Malaysia too!

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