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Go to Penang next weekend for the first of its kind ever event, Fifty Fifty Skatefest – a fun and creative festival which combines arts, music and skateboarding, which will all feature some of the best local band names.

This will be the first ever festival in Southeast Asia which features regional skate artists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysian talents.

The festival takes place at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre at Georgetown, Penang and will include all sorts of activities like a skateboard competition, workshops, street art, bazaar and the highlight of the event – musical performances by five of the best local acts at Fifty Fifty Skatefest music festival.

Fifty Fifty Skatefest artshow has been going on for a whole month now – since 8 August until 31 August – but the music festival event only takes place on 29 August 2015, from 4pm to 10pm.

The music festival will feature five Malaysian bands; Bittersweet, Oh Chentaku, Maddthelin, Pop Konspiracy and Weot Skam.


So, mark your calendars now and plan your travel to Penang for next weekend!